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China Glaze Metallic Red Comparisons

3:00 AM

Last week, one of my favorite Bloggers did one of her gorgeous comparisons. All You Desire does excellent side-by-side comparisons.  It is her blog, that I often go to when wanting to see comparisons.  Recently, she answered the request of one of her followers to compare several China Glaze metallic reds-Long Kiss, Momma Kissing Santa, & Short & Sassy.  Whoever it was that made the request had also asked for a comparison to include China Glaze Thunderbird. Unfortunately All You Desire did not own Thunderbird. 

Sometime during my first year of blogging, I remember sharing a similar comparison to someone on MakeupAlley.com. So I figured I would pull from my stash and do this comparison also but including Thunderbird and a couple others that are similar.  China Glaze must release a polish in this family at least once a year. And silly me, must buy each time.  While they are each in the same color family, none are true dupes. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! LOL!  They are each very pretty, it is just up to you to decide which one or ones...

Collections:  Each of these, can still be found online. Long Kiss is part of the permanent collection and can be found at Sally and Ulta.

Short & Sassy (Retro Diva Collection) is the darkest & deepest of the six.
Long Kiss (Permanent Collection) is very close to Thunderbird but has a bit more blue in the formula.
Thunderbird (Retro Diva Collection) has a lit from within glow.
Momma Kissing Santa (2010 Holiday Collection) is a traditional deep Christmas metallic red.
Stroll (Retro Diva Collection) contains red glass flakies. Kind of jelly-ish in its formula.
Riveter Rouge (Vintage Vixen) contains gold micro glitter.

The application of each was customary for the China Glaze formula. They applied smooth and with no streaking. To achieve bottle color, 2 coats were applied. 

  • Bottle: 14 mL – 0.5 Fl oz.
  • Brush:  Standard narrow brush

Remember, treat your nails as jewels, not tools. Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

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