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Jamberry Nails...My First Attempts...

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Not too long ago a friend of mine knowing of my nail polish hobby asked me if I knew anything about Jamberry Nails. As it was, I did not. I quickly jumped on to Google to find out just what was this thing called Jamberry Nails.  I quickly determined that it is a direct marketing company specializing in what they call "Nail Shields". At first glance, these shields appear to be similar to the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips.  In this day and age of the internet and social media, I then went to You Tube and Facebook to see what other information I could get on the "Nail Shields".  I found application and comparison videos. 

In addition, I also received many positive words from current Independent Consultants. They were all very helpful in answering my questions.  After visiting my blog and hearing of my interest in the business, a couple even offered to send me samples. Thanks, Kim and Emilie.

Anyway, I received the shields and quickly went to apply them. The directions are simple enough. File and shape your nails to the desired length. (My nails grow very long, so in order to get the claimed full manicure from a  half sheet, I filed my nails back.)  Remove all traces of oils. Buff to remove the shine. Select the proper size nail shield, removed backing, heat with your blow dryer and apply the shield to your nail. 

So here are my results after my first attempt with Jamberry Nails.  Anyone who follows my blog, knows that at most, all I do are accent nails and not full art manicures, but I decided to go for it! LOL!  

1. Application was easy. I just need to better select shield size to get full coverage.  I believe that one of the YT videos mentioned stretching the shields to get them wider.
I need to better account for the size of my nails.
2. I have a natural hump in my nail bed, so application, if not careful, can result in kinks. These can be prevented or remedied by applying additional heat and working the kinks out. 

3. These are easy, quick, and less messy than polish. Although I didn't get the sense of relaxation, I normally get when polishing my nails. LOL!


Overall Opinion:  This being my first attempt, I am not unhappy. I am sure with additional usage, application would be even better.  Pros: While I tend to be more conservative with my polish selections, I can see these being very useful for holidays and special occasions. I see several shields I want in my collection. Jamberry Nails has a wide selection of patterns.  I can also see these being loved by girls of all ages. They would be perfect for slumber parties and birthday party goodie bags.  Cons (maybe): My main concern is around my nail health. While unlike acrylics, these shields do not damage your nails, my concern is around my desire apply nail treatments and cuticle oils.  I will have to test how these would effect the wear of the shields.  

So if you haven't tried Jamberry Nails, I would say give them a try. They are fun!

  • Available: www.jamberrynails.net and independent consultants
  • Price: Reg Price $15.00 per sheet
  • Sheet Usage: Depending on nail length, each sheet should be enough for 2 Manicures & 1 Pedicure
  • Application: Need a heat source (blow dryer) to apply
  • Selection: Over 170 styles to choose from including solids, and patterns

Remember, treat your nails and jewels not tools. 

Grace , Peace, and Blessings. 

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