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Lippies for the Latte' Ladies...(v.3)

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As I continue to seek out Lippies for the Latte' Ladies, I am coming across some really good shades. And even better, I am finding them not always at the pricey department store counters, but at my local drug stores.  So far, I have been re-introduced to Cover Girl, Black Radiance, & Wet n' Wild. They present several gorgeous shades and finishes. So be sure that I will be sharing others in the future.

Another source of suggestions is a group I recently joined on Facebook, Fabulous Faces.  These wonderful ladies are always on top of the latest finds, sales, new products.  We share with each other our collections, hauls, and conquests.  If you have a question, just ask and one or more of the ladies will jump to answer.  What I appreciate the most is that they are presenting both department store and drug store products.

On one of my recent trips to Walmart I found another Cover Girl lippies and a few Black Radiance lippies.  The first was Black Radiance Radiant Lipstick in Vogue Vixen. From the color swatch on the external tube, I thought it would be closer to Cover Girl Embrace, but as you can see from the swatches, they are not.  I am glad I have both in my collection.
Next, I came across two Black Radiance lip glosses.  This line is called Ice Angel Refreshing Lip Gloss. In addition to the moisturizing and hydration, this line is infused with minty flavor for the added breath freshening.  I selected Scarlet and Plum.  There is one thing I would like to see Black Radiance improve upon; that  is that once you remove the packaging, except for a number on the bottle of the tube, the shade name is not listed on the tube. But other than that, I am very satisfied with the Black Radiance line and its products.  These lip gloss, although not as opaque as a lipstick, these shines provides good color and coverage.

As I mentioned earlier, I purchased these at Walmart. The Black Radiance products were each less than $3.00 and the Cover Girl was less than $6.00.  I have also seen these product lines in Walgreens and CVS. Both of which have frequent sales.  So I am sure I will be sharing other finds from these two lines in addition to others. 

Any other drugstore line suggestions?

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

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