Glitter Galore: Sinful Color Diamond Lust Collection - Rags to Riches layered with Zoya Zuza

Sinful Colors has recently released the Diamond Lust collection. At first, I said that I would let this collection pass. I have said many times over that I'm not a lover of glitter polishes. But who am I fooling, I have continually increased my collection of glitter polishes. So the first time I saw this display in my local Walgreens, I bought 3 from the Diamond Lust collection. And the very next day, I was back in Walgreens again and I purchased 3 more from the Sinful Colors Diamond Lust collection. So far, I have purchased 6 of the 8 in this collection.

Sinful Colors is known for great colors and finishes, but they are also known for $1.99 polishes. But the Diamond Lust collection is different. They retail for $2.99 each.

This collection consists of clear bases with colorful glitters. There are multiple sized and shaped glitters, including micro, diamond, bar, dot and hexagonal glitters.

With the clear base, you are given tons of color combination options. So today, I went back to my untrieds and pulled out Zoya Zuza.  Zuza was released last year as part of the Zoya Beach and Surf collection. I could kick myself for waiting so long to wear this's a teal-aqua blue! You know how I feel about blue them!  As with most of the Zoya polishes I own and have tried, the application was smooth with no issues.  
Zoya Zuza's beauty can stand on its own, but for this posting, I paired it with one of the new Sinful Colors Diamond Lust polishes-Rags to Riches.  Rags to Riches has micro green glitters with blue dot and diamond glitters all suspended in a clear base.
I normally don't wear full glitter manicure. I usually go for just an accent nail,  but there is something about this collection that has me wearing glitter on all ten this collection!  So that's it for the first polish in this collection. I will be sharing with you the other 5 I purchased along with the color combinations I selected.

Have you picked up any of the polishes from the new Sinful Collection Diamond Lust collection yet? If so, which ones? 

I must admit that I am quickly becoming a Glitter girl. What are some of your favorite glitter polishes?

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* FTC: These products were bought with my own money. These are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by any of these companies. This is not a sponsored post.


  1. I haven't seen those yet. But I am dying to try the Sinful Shine polishes!

  2. They are pretty!. Keep looking at one Walgreens, I saw a table top display and at another Walgreens, I saw a full endcap display. Good Luck.


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