PR: Meditate: Colors and Rituals that Rise Above the Noise

Introducing SpaRitual’s Spring 2013 Nail Lacquer Collection
Portion of Profits Donated to the David Lynch Foundation

SpaRitual is pleased to release Meditate, inspired by the clarity and stillness achieved through meditation. The new collection encourages us to slow down and rediscover the values of silence and calmness. In celebration of this Slow Beauty practice, 20% of proceeds will be donated to the David Lynch Foundation, a non-profit organization developed to fund the implementation of scientifically proven stress-reducing modalities, such as meditation for at-risk populations.

“I am excited about our partnership with SpaRitual, whose fusion of the mind, body and spirit are in line with our organization’s mission to awaken and heal from within,” says David Lynch. I believe that this will be a valuable partnership in helping to remind and educate others about the power of meditation.”

“We developed the Meditate color collection to raise awareness about the benefits of a regular mediation practice. Meditation helps to reduce stress that we accumulate daily, and studies have shown that women who meditate on a regular basis can look years younger*,” says SpaRitual founder, Shel Pink.

Infused with bamboo to increase nail strength by 35%, The Meditate Nail Lacquer Collection provides a blend of subtle, simple and pure airy pastels including Peace & Harmony, Transcend, Quietness, Calm & Clear, Introspective and Energy.
SpaRitual is committed to providing spa and nail care products that nourish the mind, body and spirit connection which are also environmentally kind. As with all SpaRitual lacquers, the 2013 Spring Meditate lacquers are free of DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Formaldehyde Resin, and camphor.

For 2013, SpaRitual’s overarching theme is Slow Matters. Each collection is a reflection of the theme and a reminder to step off the fast track, reconnect with ourselves and truly experience life. The colors remind us to act as change agents; we are the ones that can promote and contemplate what true sustainability is. We are working towards the gracefulness of simple treasures and pleasures by taking care of our body and mind. Finding a closer connection to ourselves and each other through the earth’s rotation.

The spring 2013 Meditate collection will be available February 1, 2013 and will retail for $10.00 each at select spa and retails locations throughout the country, including online at, and

For more information, on SpaRitual, please visit us at, and visit for more information on the Slow Beauty practice of meditation.

About SpaRitual – Founded by lifestyle futurist Shel Pink, SpaRitual fuses a mind, body, spirit connection with healing spa traditions to create a world of Slow Beauty. Specially sourced vegan, certified organic and fair trade ingredients from around the world are used to create SpaRitual products for body, hand and lifestyle. Our natural formulations never use synthetic dyes or parabens, and our vegan Nail Elixirs and Lacquers are also free of toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP and camphor. SpaRitual stays on the pulse of sustainability issues to ensure our products; processes and packaging are as environmentally responsible as possible. Our brand philosophy encourages women to approach beauty as a holistic connection to oneself and to the environment. Only by slowing down, can we allow our inner beauty to radiate outwards.

*David Lynch Foundation & UCLA Mindfulness Research Center

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.


  1. Yellow is my least favorite color... this is just the kind of yellow I could love! Here's hoping the formula is great.

  2. Yellow is hard to get just right. I tend to like the warm toned yellows best for my skin tone. I hope you find your perfect yellow. Thanks for visiting. Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

  3. Will these be available at Sephora, or where?

  4. I will ask my contacts and post a response. I know that Sephora started carrying SpaRitual a while ago, so I would think so, but I will let you know. Hang tight.

  5. These make me think of ice cream...Yummy :)

  6. Agreed, they do look yummy. Great Spring colors that will look great on most skin tones.

  7. Leisel, here is the response I received, "These colors specifically are not being sold at
    Sephora but SpaRitual has exclusive shades that are being sold in their Nail
    bar area that launched last year." Hope that answers your questions.


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