Orly Hope and Freedom Fest 2013 - Elation Generation & Coachella Dweller

The Orly Hope and Freedom Fest Collection came out earlier this year. It has 6 great Spring shades.  From this collection I purchased 2-Elation Generation and Coachella Dweller.
Orly Elation Generation was the first from the collection that I knew I had to own.  It is a sheer pretty pink jelly with holographic micro glitters.  Although, it has a jelly finish, I was able to get a fully opaque finish with just 2 coats. 

I really wish Orly would release more polishes like Elation Generation.  This and the recent Miss Conduct are two very pretty shades that I love to have in my collection.  I would love to see the same finish in some of the jewel tones, like sapphire navy, emerald green and amethyst purple.

The other polish I purchased from the Hope and Freedom Fest Collection is Coachella Dweller.  It is a pale foam green cream. 

It was a bit streaky with the first coat but after applying the 2nd coat it was smooth. As pictured, I am wearing 2 coats.  

These 2 shades along with the other 4 from the collection should still be available at your local retailers. I know I still want to get the yellow from this collection.  Have you purchased any from this collection yet, and if so, which ones?

Grace, Peace, & Blessings.

* FTC: These products were bought with my own money. These are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by any of these companies. This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Have not but now that I've seen them both (which also happen to be my 2 favorite colors) I want to add these to my ever growing collection.

  2. I think I want the yellow one from this collection also...I understand ever growing collection...LOL!

  3. Oh wow. Elation Generation is stunning!

  4. Yes, it is. Orly needs to release others like it.

  5. Orly Elation Generation is stunning! It looks lovely on you :)

  6. Thanks. As I just told someone else, Orly needs to release more colors like this and Miss Conduct.

  7. I've got High on Hope, and I love it. The flecks in it really show up well on the nail. Very unique!

  8. I almost bought High On Hope but chose these two. You never know, I may still get it. I love Orly polishes. Thanks for visiting.


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