PR: Sation Spring, 2013, Miss Antoinette Looks for Love in a Bottle

Miss Antoinette Looks for Love in a Bottle

Miss Professional Nail (Miss) has announced the launch of its Spring 2013 Campaign, Miss Antoinette. The collection is a shining salute to eloquent French beauty and Marie Antoinette’s glorious run as Queen of France. After a recent visit to Versailles, Miss’ Creative Director Staci Dao was inspired to develop a theme that spun a modern twist on lacquer and love. She created a color collection that reflects an exquisite Parisian color palette that would have been icing on the cake for the legendary empress.

The collection offers a royally fun twist on Marie Antoinette’s flair for beauty and beaus. Her loyal subjects were forever fixated on her extravagant wardrobe, indulgent rituals and notorious love life. Oh, how times have changed. Women still get dolled up for potential matches, yet we’ve traded private love letters for public “likes,” and traditional courtship has been eclipsed by cell phones, e-mails and turbo-texting (a triple trauma to the nails!). Dao says, “Nothing beats old-fashioned face-to-face time; beauty and sparks of attraction are still what make us click with someone.”
Miss Antoinette serves up an amorous array of polished petits fours:
  • Love is in the Heir: Your hands will be on cloud nine with this glistening powder blue
  • Of Corset I’ll Call You: This romantic lavender-rose shade is off-the-hooks
  • Love at First Byte: A peachy, flesh-tone nude that leaves a lasting mega-memory
  • Dating the Duke: A dreamy, creamy cyan to channel your inner duchess
  • Delete Your Junk Male: Select this e-lectric cerise red to refine your style and suitors
  • Guillotine Grape: A warm, wicked aubergine that will turn heads – permanently

Let your joie de vivre shine through with a grand, gorgeous mani! The line is available to like, love and lacquer you up in salons and beauty supply stores now.

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All Miss products are free of DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde.
Miss is an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) certified company.

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